Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The sum of all fears

Just discovered that among others, I have a case of this and this.

Okay, to save you your mouseclicks,
this #1 : xenophobia
a phobic attitude towards strangers or of the unknown

this #2 : atychiphobia
an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger

Now combine that with a dislike for making telephone calls. No wonder I couldn't get a lot of things done as quickly as it should. Panic panic. I think there's more down the list.

But I have no idea anyone could have a fear of these things too:

- sourness (no asam boi for them Acerophobics)
- opinions (Allodoxaphobics are always neutral then?)
- looking up (Anablephobics must have sore necks for looking down too much)

and even this,

- beautiful women (which means plain girls like yours truly would have better chance to be with Caligynephobic males lah hehehe)

Check and see what do YOU have.

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