Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I think I just got brushed off by a colleague with a
"hummm. yeah."

Aiyoh, dude, I know you are busy, but of course, who isn't. Anyhoo, as long as what needs to be done gets done. Then everybody can go home happy.

Marilah kita bersama-sama mencapai misi dan visi syarikat.

I'll drink (a mug of cold, frosty milo-O-ais) to that.


It's simple plain ethics. As the saying goes, one must do unto others as one wants to be unto you. Or something like that, pardon my England. The one needing your time today may be the one whose time you need tomorrow (or next week, or next year, etcetera). So it's always best to be co-operative, lah.

I don't really take it personally, anyway. I'm a small fry.


The fries at Chicken King? They are like home-made ones, shoestring cut, nicely comforting either when hot or cold. At least the ones I got from their outlet in Kota Bharu. Never heard of Chicken King before? Read this.

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