Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Me to xxxxxx@libero.it Mar 22 (1 day ago)

Hello Uncle Ashraf, hope you are doing fine. As you already know, we (me, my sister and also Hamimah) will be coming for a 3-day visit in May. Uncle Talat informed that you told him we may stay at your place, thanks a lot, we hope it wouldn't be too much trouble for you.....


xxxxxx@libero.it to me Mar 22 (14 hours ago)

Bon Giorno,
I look forward to seeing you in May and it is no trouble for me to pick you from the airport, as long as I don't have any urgent work appointment, in which case there is a train to Ariccia from Ciampino town center. There is really a lot to see.....

Oh. Oh. Can't wait for May. *jiggy-dance*

Thank god for relatives.

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