Tuesday, January 18, 2005


God works in His own calculated ways. No doubt about that.

As of yesterday evening, I was down to RM13.47 in my wallet (plus a half-full blister pack of Clarityne) due to a recent cuti-cuti and a couple of other purchases (planned and otherwise). And guess what was waiting for me at the office this morning?

A packet of cold, hard cash, all RM149.00 of it. Courtesy of an almost forgotten medical claims.

Okay.. now I know that's not really an amount that will last long if you are of the Starbucks-coffee-for-breakfast and let's-go-to-Chinoz-for-lunch type, but for this TamanJaya-nasi-lemak and cafetaria-nasik-campur gal, that'll do until pay-day. I hope.

"So do you want extra sambal with that kerang?"

"Of course!"

Note to self : Must plan expenses better next time.

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