Friday, January 28, 2005

If you can answer me this you are a Gee-nius!

Peeps...I need your brains to go tick-tocking on this one, quick!

We have a treasure hunt tomorrow (the questions were handed out today), and the Big Mama tie-breaker question go like this:

"Bayangkan di sebuah stesen minyak yang besar, canggih serta moden. Segala kemudahan dan perkhidmatan ada disediakan di sini. Stesen ini juga memiliki ramai pekerja pelbagai kaum dan bangsa termasuklah kaum Singh.
Cari tiga kemudahan yang terdapat pada Stesen berkenaan yang memiliki persamaan dengan kaum Singh tadi."

(Imagine a large, sophisticated and modern petrol station that offers all sorts of facilities and services. The staff is also consisted of people of many races including Singhs.
Find three similarities between the petrol station and the Singhs.)

If you are the first to get this right and we win, I'll owe you lunch. Heck, just getting it right, win or not, lunch will be on me!

P.S - No offense meant to any Singh out there though.

Update: Got it oledi, yeay!

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