Saturday, August 28, 2004


[New source of joy in town]

Allow me to say....

I love you for reading this blog. All three of you.

Then there are also the things that I love at this job. And I can feel it loving me back.

At this point, I need to prioritize the things that I have in this life of mine, and I'm sorry that I can't satisfy everyone, really. I do wish I could.

Just got embroiled in my first ever office gossip. Office politics. Taken care of. Whew!

People may surprise you if you take the straight to the point approach rather than go around the bush. Suits me. Never was much good at beating bushes anyway.

Mixing professional assertion with social gestures can be kind to your blood pressure. Things get settled faster. How's the wife and kid, and have you finished the project costing due on 31st?

Some of the Kementerian chaps are rather cute. And the State company guys are not half bad either. Hahahaha.

The Village : As Lucius Hunt was lying there with the possibility of losing his life, I was thinking Erm. Joaquin Phoenix. Under that covers. What is he wearing.

And last but certainly not least,

Selamat Menyambut Ulangtahun Kemerdekaan Negara
Keranamu Malaysia!

Yours sincerely,

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