Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hi. I am Ted, and I may be...

..a control freak case. At certain times.

I can function throughout the day on coffee alone if going out for lunch means leaving the desk and missing that call. No, I prefer to buy my own lunch, I have to know what I'm getting. Yes, even the toilet trip can wait. I want to take that call. I NEED to. It's important. Yes, someone else could do it, but... it's always better if i do it (or so I usually think).

I have trouble delegating tasks to others. I prefer to be the one doing it. Unless I am sure you can get all the instructions right, which halfway through I may decide that changes are needed so the results are better and I'll do it myself when you're done with it. I hate wasting time giving instructions if I can just do it myself. Unless I can be sure that it could be done by someone else just the way I want it.

I mull over my choice of words, worrying whether it will sound right, taking 5 minutes for that three-sentence email - though it's supposed to be semi-formal. Which addressing should I use? How friendly should it be? Would that be 'thanks', 'thank you', or a simple 'tq'? Should it be completely in Bahasa Malaysia, completely in English, or a rojak of both?

Up to this point, it has already taken me 10 minutes, 6 complete re-reads and 27 changes in choice of words to type out this post.

But I still think I am actually normal, really. Really.

It's now 13 minutes, 7 complete re-reads and 32 changes in choice of words. No, 33.

15 minutes later : 8 complete re-reads. 35 changes. I can be like that.

Note to self: take stick out of my *toot*

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