Monday, February 16, 2004

The weekend and beyond

The highlight of my un-Valentine weekend would have to be watching V.E. singing Kopi Dangdut yesterday, complete with the geleks and all.. To think I only decided to go about an hour before the show. Off to work this morning after barely three hours of sleep, but oddly enough that head-in-the-cloud feeling wasn't there, in fact I couldn't get myself to do the usual half-hour shuteye during the morning train journey though I tried! Weird, eh? The sleep deprivation will catch up on me later I suppose.

Sent Dad's car to Mr. Lee, his usual mechanic for checkup and service. Dad trusts the guy completely. Mr. Lee is the type who actually refuses your request to change a part if he thinks it's still okay and just needs some repair work, and would ensure all replacement parts work well before handing the car back. Plus we've never lost anything left in the car, everything will be there down to the last 10-sen coin.

Caught 'The School of Rock' on Saturday. People were glued to their seats until the last of the credits. All children of the golden years of rock, go see this one if you haven't!

Today is Sis' birthday. Going to get a cake for her after work. Already bought her present, a brooch to replace one of hers that I lost a few months back (Ermm... is that fair, to call it a present?).

A good friend is in the hospital for an appendicitis (is this correct?) operation. Hope he gets well soon. Do they allow visitors after 7 p.m. at Hospital Putrajaya?

And look at what happened to the water dispenser at our pantry:

[The necessity to drink spurned this creative work of mind]

Have a happy week ahead, everybody!

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