Sunday, October 11, 2009


hee. just ask me out, you silly boy.
be quick about it or i may have to do it instead!


going through all the motions of getting to know someone is not entirely a surefire thing, no matter how many times it's been done. this time around though, i'm keeping things simple.

but it is flattering to have someone who calls you sweetie, and such (cue for bimbo-ness taking over awhile). sweet nothings may not be only that... who knows?


am finally at the new office. totally new surrounding, new things to do, new mindset, new lots of things. am getting used to the cubicle instead of the big swanky room. no biggie, except i need to really strip my boxes of stuff bare and find proper place for them, sometime.

ex-boss made a mistake of my actual last day, teehee. for all the great communication things he has taught me, it's funny that we could understand a simple thing as a last-day-at-work date differently.

anyways, it's adieu for now 19th floor, hello basement!

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