Friday, May 01, 2009

how-to : give your touch-n-go card a negative balance

1. reload touch-n-go card no. 1 (TnG1) with lots of RM.

2. put TnG1 in smart-tag unit. use as usual.

3. apply for touch-n-go card no. 2 (TnG2) because it's a Zing card and will reload automatically.

4. receive TnG2 in the mail. instruction says to activate by swiping at any TnG toll lane.

5. decide to drive somewhere that involves the PLUS highway.

6. decide to activate TnG2.

7. took TnG lane at the toll plaza instead of the usual smart-tag lane.

8. swipe TnG2 at toll entry.

9. take out TnG1 from smart-tag unit and replace with TnG2 to check that TnG2 is loaded with RM. confirmed!

10. decide to continue using TnG1 first until its RM value is all used up before starting to use TnG2.

10. reinsert TnG1 in smart-tag unit.

11. took the smart-tag lane as usual at toll exit.

12. *teeettttttt* (smart-tag system calculates maximum possible journey for that exit)

13. realize that at highway point of entry, TnG2 was utilized for this journey!

14. congratulate self for forgetfulness. baki TnG1 sekarang adalah negatif.

15. chuck TnG1 and insert TnG2 permanently in smart-tag unit.

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Elf said...


takleh kasik tau tanya dgn plus ka, abis duit gitu jer.