Friday, April 03, 2009

c'est la vie

1. curveball

and when you think you'll just drown the sorrows by yourself, when you think there's no use even thinking about going on trudging along this line, when you think the best would be to just walk away and turn your back on things -


with a phonecall, life throws another curveball. and restores my faith (just enough) at the time that i truly needed it.

2. clingy

she told me to stop being so clingy. ok. ok. we all knew that already. i'll try.

3. oh! life

during the crazy uni years where we went to the movies as if Moviewatching 203 was an extra-credit course and TGV Mines was the classroom, i used to have a buddy who goes by the nickname Live^ and when we hang out, at one time or the other we'd break into the Des'ree song 'Life, oh life! Oh life! Oh life!" (of course when we sing it we go LIVE, oh LIVE! Oh LIVE! ) and go ape over the doo doot doot dooo part.

the above, would be one of those moments :)

today Live^ is a father to three cute kids and husband to one beautiful wife (so far). his never-ending remark when we occasionally talk would be "kao tu Ted, bila lagi aku nak rasa nasik minyak?", to which my reply will always be "suruh kak Lela masak la!". and we'd still break into LIVE, oh LIVE! when the occasion calls for it.

4. computer desk for the baby

Amin is quite hefty now. dah makin berat nak dukung. am already imagining when he's bigger and at the stage where he'd looking up to his big brother Aqif and following big brother's every move... oh i can't wait for him to grow up soon enough for him to start walking. their Atok-Wan team are planning to get them a computer desk already.. "so they can play on the laptop properly together". sabar je la hehehehe.

5. the S project

there's roughly one month left to work on the surprise project. alamak, better haul my ass and start on it soon! May is a month with much to look forward to...i love having plans!

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