Saturday, August 30, 2008

scale of fun

(he points to the book in my hand)

- You're always with a book.
+ Coz I love reading! I think it's fun.
- But we're on a swing by the beach! Isn't this more fun?
+ Ok...this swing is fun too.
- Which is more fun? Reading a book... or playing?
+ Erm... like I said. Both are fun.
- Ok, on a scale of one to ten, where would reading be?
+ I'd say a seven.
- What about snorkeling?
+ That'd be at a seven as well.
- The same??? (shakes head in disbelief). Then what would be more fun than reading AND snorkeling for you?
+ Reading, AND snorkeling with a great companion. Like you.
- Nyeheehehehhhhh.
+ Really! Doing fun things are good, and doing it with someone you can go along well with, will make it even much better.
- Oh I mean like going on a date. I know you'd like THAT. That should be more fun than just reading, or just snorkeling.
+ But it has to be good, you know.
- So where would a good date be on your scale then?
+ A nine.
- I just KNEW it!

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