Monday, September 11, 2006

Gold Rain & Hailstones special bloggers' offer!

Did I ever tell you that bloggers are special people?

Dramalab is giving a special bloggers' discount at 50% off the tickets to acclaimed Jit Murad's current play Gold Rain & Hailstones. To get the discount, contact Eza at 019-619 2668.

Gold Rain & Hailstones is playing now at KLPac until Sunday 17th September. Directed by Zahim Albakri, performed by Jit Murad and Lin Jaafar. Full-priced tickets are at RM92/ RM72/ RM52. Calculate yourself lah how much at a 50% discount, hmmkay.


Yes, I know. I hutang a review of the play. Last weekend some long-lost relatives came over, so we had to entertain. Of course that's valid excuse!

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