Friday, August 25, 2006

Buku! (part II)

The fantasy of a bibliophile.

If I'm ever to be cooped up for days somewhere due to natural catastrophe e.g. earthquake / killer waves / haze or to be quarantined due to whatever disease, I wish it'll be in a bookstore (MPH /Kinokuniya), or the very least, a decent library. Heh. My idea of a worldly heaven would be close to that.

Books, books and more books. Stacked on the shelves, lining whole expanse of walls. Spread them on the floor, like an ocean to slake the thirst of the minf. Fictions and non fictions. Thick and thin. All colors, all sizes. Bound pages by the hundreds of thousands (dare I say millions?) waiting to be caressed and pondered upon.

And the time to read them all.


Have you ever read.....?
  • during class / seminars / talks ( there's an art to pretending you're listening when actually you're devouring Stephen King's It under the desk)
  • while waiting for the bus / the blind date / your turn during track practice
  • while walking someplace
  • during school assembly
  • on the train / car / plane
  • on the john (eleh come on lah, lots of people do this)
  • while taking a shower
  • while driving (especially during massive traffic jams)
  • while cooking
  • while having breakfast / lunch / dinner
I wonder where or what else do people do, that could be supplemented with reading on the side? Tell me.


Image from "Read or Die" [image credit] :
an anime involving a world obsessed with books - imagine that!

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