Sunday, April 02, 2006


organizing a movie 'togethergether' online for 90+ people is definitely not rocket science, but it's no simple matter either. there's one who books for 10 persons, one who hasn't even arrived in malaysia yet, one that keeps changing the number of people in his party etc. etc.

i hope everything goes well and we'll manage to get tickets for everybody.

to tell the truth, erm. better not, haha. you may be one of those who's gonna go.

okay, to tell the truth. we're still not 100% sure of
1) what time it's gonna be (hope my 9-ish guess is correct)
2) the meeting place (duduk depan ticket office nanti orang ingat ulat tiket pulak?)
3) whether we'd be able to get the good seats

and i gotta be away for three days starting monday. haha.

thank god for the the friends i have with their bigger-than-big networks (social and otherwise), which comes very very much handy at times like these.

ted, go out and get to know more people!

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