Friday, October 14, 2005

Shutting my yap

While I was young and not-so-wise (chewah) of the ways of the world, it was difficult for me to find the middle ground. Either I kept my yap shut, or else I'd be putting my foot in it. When you were young though, you could get away a lot, but as you grow older (and thus may be deemed generally wiser, however everybody knows right that the hypothesis older = wiser doesn't hold itself true all the time, application-wise, no sir) it (the getting away, not the put-foot-in-mouth-scene) doesn't happen that frequent anymore. I learnt that the words that come out of this trap, control, I must. Think first, I should. And thus it surprised people who knew me back when I was a careless chatterbox, to find out that yours truly had been described as "Needs encouragement to express herself". Yes, that actually appeared in the counselor's report at one of the motivation camp thingies that I went to.

Eh, why the need to story all this?

I'm gonna shut my yap now. My typing yap, that is.

And a belated but still valid Selamat Berpuasa to those that do.

Wait, back to the topic. To cut the story short, I think I have better control of my yap these days. Am proud of it. Once in a while I could see it starting to run away, and kept my check. Of course sometimes my check wasn't so tight and it managed to get a life of its own a best-forgotten moment or two, but most of the times, I reigned it in at the right time. Because pushing it too far may not be the best for everyone's interest. And perception is such a double-edged sword, though you may mean no harm at all.

Like today. Chuckle. Check.

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