Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Good things roll

Partly inspired by the Lipton commercial in 3R

I knew Aliya, we watched plays together.
Coz Aliya knew Nz, we got to watch Sepet uncut.
We got to know Pn Yasmin, Pn Yasmin put up a blog.
She organized film screenings, lots of people joined in the ho-haa including muteaudio & kekure.
I dragged Adam along coz I needed a ride.
Kekure suggested lunch one day, we all went for lunch, mute said his friend needed actors.
...... and that was how Adam got his part in Trio.

But how did I met Aliya in the first place? Err that particular moment seems to elude my memory at present... how ah? Remembered already. I met Aliya through The Bookreview Blog. Heheh. Thanks Aliya (who hastily called me up to retell the story of us and *piak* me through the phone).

Sah aku ni pelupa orangnya. Tau takpe.
Trio is an interactive 65-episode five-minute drama, which revolves around three teenage girls – Natasha, Jasmin and Kat who have just moved into the same house. Each of them is distinctively different because of their different backgrounds. Being alone in a new environment, the girls are drawn closer day by day as they go through their life as student, friend and housemate. However, problems with college, boys, family, hobbies and different mindsets serve as catalysts to conflict and dilemma.

Through the show, viewers not only actively participate in creating the storyline but can also identify with the characters and build a “relationship” with them via various media platforms, such as communicating with the characters online. ..Full article


Don't forget to tune in, kay. At NTV7, starting 26th August at 5.30 pm, rerun at 8.30 pm.

I still have no idea which part is his though.

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